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Tue Dec 4 08:19:33 PST 2012


Winter is Coming.

Last Saturday at Archery practice we had a plethora of broken arrows. I
suspect that it was the
25 mile an hour crosswind causing this. Needless to say we are down several

So in an effort to stay ahead of the arrow God claiming arrows I ordered 3
dozen, 35-40 # 5/16 cedar
shafts. I need 1 dozen for my replacement work. The other 2 doz are open
for purchase
at $3 a shaft to replace your broken or otherwise diminished wood. You say
"What good is a shaft
with out fletchings, nocks, and points?" Great question, not much unless
you attend the "Do Something"
Guild Night on Dec. 20th, which is a Thursday. It is also the night before
Winter Officially arrives and
the Mayan calendar ends. So what better place to be if the World ends, than
with friends making arrows?

I have some nocks, points, and feathers. To be safe, if you want to make
arrows, please purchase your own
feathers, nocks, and points before you come. If you want me to order nocks,
feathers, or points for you, let
me know and we can work out the $ details at a later time.

Cookies, and Christmas treats will be served. We will have a movie playing
in the Den, so if you don't
want/need to make arrows, just come over and enjoy the company. As always,
BYOB, and bring your
favorite snacks.

So, on Dec 20th, at 7 PM, at 2705 57th St. in Lubbock we are having the Do
Something Guild night.
Also as a reminder, Dec 13th, at 7 PM we are having the Scribe Guild night,
same place. Bring your
paint et al and I will have the scrolls.

Season's Greetings,
In Service,

Change is a function of the Universe, embrace it.
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