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Frank Schalles francisschalles at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 12:40:11 PST 2012

Ld. Breagen,
Have we received our official approval from our Seneschal, Aude yet. I
think the request has been in for some time.
I will be searching for your youtube sweetie (Xolettte) to see what I can
learn from her. If Sunday is warm, I will finish my target and throwing
handle and start throwing sharp objects in my back yard. I dont want you to
have ALL the fun. Thanks for the info Rev.

HE Baron and Ldy Aude, could you confirm that we have official permission
to have thrown weapons practice at Archery practice?
We desire to follow the rules, and have been waiting for several weeks for
some kind of news.

Ld. Francois de Lions

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Reverend Jim <pictwitch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> So,...I've been trying to get in 100 throws a day with my throwing knives.
> Axes are easy and pretty much throw themselves but to me anyhow, knives are
> tricky little guys. I was never very good at them but I've made great leaps
> in a short time and I believe that it's because I upgraded my tools. I
> spent a wad of cash to learn this. After learning it though, I discovered
> and consequently developed a major crush on a utube chick named Xollette.
> She has uploaded some very good beginner info on knife throwing where she
> explains sizes of knife, spin vs no-spin, handle vs blade, etc. She's also
> a pretty good thrower. I instantly crushed on her because she has converted
> her kitchen and dining area of her small apartment into a knife range. Any
> chick that decorates with sharp objects and encourages throwing them in the
> house is one after my own heart. Anyhoo, if you find yourself interested in
> the sport, you might want to search her up on utube.
> The Frankster and I went in and bought a whole bunch of professional grade
> Cold Steel brand throwing knives and axes in preparation for the
> possibility of a thrown weapons programs and after throwing them for
> several days I feel I can compare and contrast them should you want to go
> this route.
> First of all, don't waste your money and time on any knife that less than
> 10" long or less than 3/4 of a pound if you are going to do SCA throwing.
> While the SCA rules start knife throwing at 10' you will likely never see a
> 10' target at a competition. Many professional competitions start at 6'. At
> 10' a smaller knife is marginally ok, though I'd still go bigger. For
> throwing in your kitchen at dart board like targets the tiny ninja dart
> like knives are kinda fun but you should know they are also harder to
> stick, require more thrust which means more spins, and they bounce back
> faster and harder to dodge than a big one, just sayin' (my sweetie Xolette
> concurs). SCA thrown weapons competitions are are typically the red headed
> step children of all marshalled activities. There are not many marshals,
> the targets are large, clunky, heavy, and not cheap. That means few targets
> and few marshals. And that means a sort of lazy tournament where knives,
> axes, and spears are often thrown at the same targets, at the same
> distances. It's sad but so. Ergo, if you are going to be winging a knife
> for long distances, you want a bigger hunk of steel. Smaller and lighter
> means more spins per linear foot traveled and more spins means the sweet
> spot of point meets target is much harder to control. Think of archery;
> getting your stance, the weight and length of arrows, nock points, anchor
> points, etc.; all needing to be as close as possible to the shot before and
> after in order to develop consistency,...now exponentially increase that
> difficulty and you have a knife sticking into a target. As my ex wife often
> reminded me, bigger IS better.
> So here's what I've learned in the big knife arena besides the fact that
> they are FAAAAR better and easier to throw/stick than little ones; get
> knives without handle scales. Out of the 4 types we got, all but one
> version has some sort of handle scale (the little plank like things on the
> flat sides of the knife). When you are just learning you'll be abusing the
> hell out of the knife; hitting it all sorts of ways into hard stuff, often
> hard stuff other than the target. This is why Cold Steel makes replacement
> scales; you'll need them. The scales are very comfortable to the hand and
> instinctively I find myself reaching into the bucket for one when I start
> throwing. As soon as you get to where you are sticking them more often than
> not, but they are still all over the target, the scaled knives are thuh
> shite. Love them. They look great, they feel great, what's not to love?
> Well I'll tell you....this honeymoon period (you hope) will be brief. Soon
> you find yourself hitting closer and closer to the bulls-eye until one day
> you are chunking 6 big knives into a 6" space and what follows is the
> Robinhood throw where you are putting 2 of these monsters in the same exact
> space and one sheers off some or all of the scale of the one before it. So
> all things being equal, bypass this learning curve and go straight to the
> one piece knife. Despite having more of these big professional throwing
> knives than the law allows (literally) I have recently bought several more
> in the no-scales design and these will be the knives I throw and use pretty
> much exclusively.
> Just some lunch time mental noodling; use it if it fits.
> Rev
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