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Lady Aud,
Thank you for the clarification (see below). I remember being a new player
and finding the terminology little bit confusing. I also remember asking
people over email for clarification, and because of the confusion of
signatures, etc, I posed my questions to the wrong person.
 Implications are very easy to attain over email. It would be like Baron
Gavin signing his name
Gavin McIain
Is any of that information incorrect? No, HE Gavin is indeed a baron, and
he does reside inside our Barony, but he is not the premiere Baron
Bonwicke. That distinction ONLY applies to HE Hakon. (Sorry for picking on
you, Gavin, but I didn't think you'd mind. :) )
 Let's all be a little more aware of what we're sending over the list.
Thank you,
HE Gianetta
Baroness of Bonwicke


My Lord Francois,

I do apologize, but I must correct your attempt at clarification.

Per page 11 of Kingdom Law, "No person may represent himself as a warranted
member of the marshallate without authorizatiion from the Earl Marshal."

While Lord Asbiorn and you, Lord Francois are *authroized archery marshals*;
There is only one warranted Archery Marshall in Bonwicke, Lady Kolfinna in
Kyrra Otarsdottir.
A warrant is what makes a SCAdian an officer, and she, as His Excellency
Gavin pointed out, is ours.

I do believe that His Excellency's question arose out of your signature.
You have signed this particular report as:

"Archery Marshal

which is a claim, however unintentional, on your part, not only of being
the officer, but also of originating the office.

By signing as "Archery Marshall" you claim to be the officer.

By signing "Bonwicke" as opposed to "of Bonwicke" you claim to be the first
one of this office in Bonwicke. The claim of first and perpetuating
official title is reserved for representatives of the crown, ie Landed
Barons, and Baronesses [His Excellency Master Hakon and Her Excellency
Mistress Anna for Bonwicke's particular example.]

It is possible however that his question arose long before your signature.
You have been reporting these happenings directly to the populace, while
there is a perfectly capable officer, able to perform that function, if you
would only respect the chain of command by reporting to her.

I do hope, Lord Francois, that this helps clarify for you why the question
was posed.

If you feel you simply must include the fact that you are an archery
marshal, from Bonwicke in your signature, I recommend the wording, "An
archery marshal in Bonwicke" and yes, capital letters count.
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