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For those not on the Ansteorra-Archery list, the Kingdom Missile Marshal sent the following. 
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Greetings everyone!

Sorry that I could not join this discussion earlier, I was at our Gulf War site repairing the Towers and the gate so that we will have them for Gulf Wars XXII.

I changed the subject from SCA to Ansteorra since I can't speak for the SCA or for other Kingdoms.

First thing, I would like to remind everyone is that we should always assume that when we read something it was meant in the best way possible and we should not think poorly of anyone. It is very hard to convey posture, stance, looks, accent, or any type of body language in a text style message.

There were good points and advice made from each side but I would like to take a moment to clarify what the current situation is. I say current since there have been changes made in the recent past.

The following is true regardless of if we are talking about Rapier, Chivalric, Target Archery, Siege, or whatever. If you are not a current member you cannot be an officer of any type. If you are an authorizing marshal you must be a member. All authorizing marshals are designated as marshals at large and carry an officer status within the Kingdom.

If you are the Marshal for a group (Canton, Barony, or whatever) you are an officer and you must be a member. If you are a deputy to the person and you are a marshal and a member then you can hold an official practice and report on that practice to the group or the marshal, both are fine. This would be up to the Officer to decide.

Officers are able to select their deputies, they are appointed by them. There is no special paperwork that has to be done or filled out. Basically as long as the Officer declares that a person is their deputy then it is done. If the Officer no longer wants that person as a deputy then they can remove them at will.

Officers can have as many deputies as they want. If there are 10 other people in the group that are marshals, the Officer can make every one of them a deputy. And in my opinion they should have as many as they can.

The reason that I feel this way is that if the Officer is sick, traveling, working, or whatever, the deputy can show up and have an official practice. They are then fulfilling the requirement of being the marshal and being the officer.

In regards to signatures, they can get tricky and people can sometimes misinterpret them or misrepresent them very easily. As the Baronial Archery Marshal I would sign my name and then right under that put Barony of Namron, Archery Marshal (all on one line). I have also seen it as Archery Marshal for the Barony of Namron. Since marshal authorizations do not carry any rights, awards, or weight by themselves I never really see anyone list them unless they are the Officer for that group. To put your name, and then Archery Marshal, and then on another line put your group is not completely incorrect, it is just not normal and can be misunderstood so that people may think you are trying to represent yourself as the Officer. When I am posting to larger lists I will frequently add my kingdom and my group below my name so that people can know where I am from.

The goal of every officer is to build the activity or group that they are over. The goal of every deputy is to help the officer build. Sometimes with active groups this can be a challenge to balance everything. Our populace meetings were on the second Tuesday of every month. Our Rapier practice and Scribal Guild both meet every Tuesday. This made it difficult for our Rapier Marshal. Did they go to Rapier practice to fulfill the duties of their office or did they go to Populace meeting to fulfill the other duties of their office. They would normally split it up with their deputies and alternate months. We have since changed our Populace meeting so that it would no longer conflict.

I hope that I have covered everything clearly, if not please message me directly or if you feel that it is a general question please feel free to post it so that all may learn and grow and we can work together.


HL Vincenti da Murano
Kingdom Missile Marshal for Ansteorra

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