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 It's 2:30, it's sprinkling, the ground outside my building is still wet, the sky is cloudy, and it doesn't look like it will dry enough for it to be safe for fighting.  I would hate for one of us to be injured, or have our equipment get wet and rusty, four days before we have a mini-tourney.  I would ask the powers that be that we not have fighter practice today, just to be on the safe side.
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Chiang asked me to post for him. He has a belt test tonight and won't be at practice. I am *still* getting over allergies/sinus infection/whatever the heck is wrong with me, so I won't be out either. :) Have fun, be safe!!!!

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Naturally it would start raining after I sent that. If the ground is soggy I won't expect people to get their equipment muddy so near the mini event. If however the ground is reasonably firm I will be at the park.



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