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Repost of rapier links.. For newcomers

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> www.kultofathena.com  ..for all you sword needs
> http://www.gipsypeddler.com/rapier1.htm  ..rapier armour
> http://www.linenarmor.com/Linen_Armor.html  ..more rapier armour
> http://www.revivalclothing.com ..high end historical garb
> http://historicenterprises.com/ ...more high end garb/camp supplies/
> extreme high end armor
> www.myarmoury.com  ..everything you ever wanted to know about western
> swords..comp reveiws of major sword brands
> http://chivalrybookshelf.com/ ...trans of hist manuals and
> study/training guides, longsword(german, italian) rapier, C&T, sword and
> buckler, staff ect
> http://www.zenwarriorarmory.com/index.php..rapier masks, swords, under
> and over armour
> www.merctailor.com ... higher end munitions armour. I can not say enough
> good things about Allan, everything is made by hand in the US (i mean by
> hammer and anvil)
> short wait times (around two weeks for me usualy) best articulation and
> movement of any munitions armour i have ever seen, also the best CS of
> any buisness I have ever delt with.
> If you need anything else I most likly have it!
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