[Bonwicke] Family Emergency in the Barony

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Hello all….

Thank you so much for the replies, but there was a delay between sending the email and it actually being posted.  For the moment, my Dad is settled & his fiancee (Nita) is doing so much better than we expected.  I'll check once again to see if he needs further assistance, but I do know the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and the brother of a friend from Elfsea have all been there lending Dad a helping hand.  If he needs any continuing support, I will let you know.

Thank you so much for the kind messages.  I'll be in touch.

Love, regards… and Happy Veterans' Day,

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Greetings, please pardon my intrusion on your email list.  But my father is in the area for a medical emergency with his fiance.  She was struck & drug by a truck in Terlingua, TX earlier today and put on a Care Flight to Odessa.  He has his RV with him, so he has a place to lay his head.  But I'm active duty military & therefore unable to reach him in person.  If anyone is able to please go stand at my Dad's side, be of support, bring him a lunch, a hug, anything… I'd be forever in your debt.  Please contact me privately for details, if you're able to assist.  

With Utmost Regards,

Madame Colete / SPC Stacy E. Dickey, US Army
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