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Wed Nov 14 08:44:52 PST 2012

There is a great amount of conflict brewing.  We can all point fingers at
who each of us thinks is responsible and what acts have been committed,
words said, etc.  That will do no good so lets all just skip that.   Quiet
conversations and emails have seem to done little to settle things and
inadvertently seem to have added a sense of paranoia about who is saying
what and who has what goals.  My staying silent on many things in the hopes
of a natural equilibrium of sorts hasn't helped either.

I don't expect everyone to like each other.  That is naive.  I do expect
everyone to act with a certain amount of respect for each other.  I do
expect us to be able to work together.  If this group is to remain it is
required that we do that.  There can be no us and them.  There is only

To that end I request that everyone who can make this populace do so.
Everyone who has something to say show up and say it.  Everyone who has a
question about the group, it's future, anything, show up and ask it.  This
is not a democracy, don't get me wrong in that.  The decisions I make, I
make for what I see as the greater good of the Barony as a whole.  They
will not always be popular, they will not always be made without the
expectation of sacrifice.  It is not the job of a leader to do nothing
distasteful, it is their job to do what must be done for the good of the
group they lead and the attainment of the goal that group shares.  I do
however want to know your opinions, your ideas.  I want to hear your
concerns and solutions.  If you just want to show up and call me a son of a
bitch, well that's fine to if it makes you feel better.  Angry mutters,
snide emails, and silent protests however will get no one anywhere.  All
voices will be heard, and hopefully at the end we'll have a better
understanding of things and each other.

This is a game, if we're not having fun we are doing it wrong.  Lets get
together and figure out how to do it right.

HE Gerold
Baron of Bonwicke
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