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Thu Nov 15 10:59:07 PST 2012

Since we have so much to talk about and in the interest of giving an
opportunity for as many people to attend as possible, I think it would be
best to meet in a room at Home Plate Diner for lunch at 12:30, so we can
have populace and give people the opportunity to be heard.  This should
accommodate all of the times we have for Saturday activities and still give
us enough time for populace.

Lord Aisbiorn, I know you're flying in and if you can't make it at that
time, we perfectly understand and will give you a chance to share once we
meet back up with you.  Granted, you'll definitely have more to share once
the workshop is finished. :)

Lady Audra has requested that the financial committee meet at Home Plate
Diner at 12PM, so we can go over the financial policy that's due at the end
of the month.

We have the Press Box reserved under Janet England at the Home Plate
Diner on University.

HE Gerold and I look forward to seeing you there.

Baroness Gianetta
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