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charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Tue Apr 1 16:10:39 PST 2003

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Well, after having tallied votes and then trying to reserve spots at the last minute, many of you will be glad to know that we've reserved space at the Golden Corral on College St. in Beaumont. Reservations were made for 7:00 P.M. on Thursday evening and so long as the majority of us are eating, there is no charge for the room. This does NOT mean you have to eat to attend. Come one, come all. Witness the wonder of the political wheels of Barony Bordermarch as they slowly, but diligently grind a memorable groove into our future... And if THAT doesn't do it for you, just come so you can see me once again make a fool out of myself as I lead the meeting... Now THAT'S entertainment. !!!
    I look forward to greeting all who can attend Thursday. If you need directions, feel free to call me at 409-833-9794
Side bar. Sam, I know you can't come, but will be there in spirit. Thanks for thinking of us.
                                                                                In service, Elrique

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