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Tue Apr 1 22:41:51 PST 2003

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Greetings Bordermarch Family,

A BIG  VIVAT to Lord Slovaczek and Lord Cariadoc who helped me with the demo
for the Home School Co-Op group yesterday morning.  It was a big success and
the teachers and students were very appreciative.  We brought lots of "stuff"
to show--------weapons (Thanks, Sir Simonn, for the lending of your
broadsword)  the kids were impressed with the swords, daggers, gargoyles,
books, and the helmet they got to try.  I also brought the Spanish blackwork
embroidery done by HL Amberlea, some calligraphy, and a very informative
video about the SCA entitled "Once Upon a Weekend."  This is an excellent
video to show any group for an explanation of what the SCA is all about.

Bordermarch is very blessed to have such informed and educated members as
Lord Slovaczek and Lord Cariadoc.  They explained history to the students in
a very interesting way.  They both should have teaching as their careers.

Also, Lady Christiona (Wendy) did a wonderful job assisting Lord Slovaczek
and Lord Cariadoc at the Wilson Junior High demo with her musical ability.
The kids were impressed with you playing the psaltery..  With the ban on
weapons in the public schools, Lord Cariadoc was unable to bring his
beautiful swords inside the school, but the kids at the Christian School will
never forget them and asked some very good questions..

AND we have been asked to return again soon.  The teachers could not stop
thanking us for the impressive job. Bordermarch has a lot fo be proud of.

In service,



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