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                                                        In Joyful


                    Cave Tyranniam Timorium Suorum

---------Forwarded Message from Lady Francesca Laviana

To our friends in Bordermarsh . . er Bordermarch

I realize it is a long drive, and it is unlikely any of you will make it.
 But I wanted to let those of you who know us know of this event, and at
least give you the opportunity to decide for yourselves.  Many of you
have shared in our lives, some years ago, others more recently.  Please
know you are all dear to us, and Bordermarch always been a second home in
my heart.

To All Good Gentles and Nobles of These Lands

I extend an invitation to join me in celebrating the anniversary of Andre
and Dante's arriving in this world!

In honour of their SIXTEENTH birthday (April 27 @ 12:30 and 12:31 pm) I
am sponsoring tournaments to be held at Flag Pole Hill, on Sunday, April
27, 2003.  The format will be the same as that of the recent Glaslyn
Defender of the Flame, so come and show these two young men what fun they
have to look forward to.  There will be prize baskets for the victors for
both Chivalric and Rapier.

Artisans, bring some small piece of your first attempt to display or
explain to these two young gentles.  Bards, come and caress our ears with
words of the day or past pieces that you struggled with when you began.
After all, these two young gentles should have examples and mentors to
fashion themselves after, if they are to achieve the rank and recognition
necessary to become Knights or Masters of the Realm.

Pack a picnic and bring the family!  There are tables, and at least one
grill.  Bring chairs and pavilions (and more grills) and let us all share
in the celebration of this passage into manhood (and being able to fight
with real rattan, finally  ;-)  )

Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
Barony of the Steppes

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