[Bordermarch] Baronials Updates and Reminders

Jackie Leslie jackie_leslie at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 13 05:18:29 PDT 2003

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Hello Everyone,

It is time for reminders and updates concerning Baronials. First off, let me
say to all of you who have volunteered your time and efforts, we really
appreciate it! None of this would be possible without you! Unfortunately,
there are still plenty of work slots available. Most especially in the area of
gate workers. We desperately need people to fill in these many blanks on the
workers sheets. I know that gate is one of the more thankless tasks at events;
but, let me offer some extra incentive. Everyone who signs up now and works
their gate shift will receive two raffle tickets for each hour worked. In
other words, you work a three hour shift, you will receive six tickets instead
of three. Please help us fill these positions.

There will be a coordinator's meeting next Thursday during practice. If you
are in charge of a particular area, you really need to be present.

Thanks again to all of you. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.


Jackie Leslie
jackie_leslie at earthlink.net[1]
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