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Wed Apr 16 21:24:14 PDT 2003

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I can spare maybe $10-$15,if that'll helLove Kandace
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I had an opportunity to speak with Ld. Voclov this weekend and he tells me that the portable hearth that we use for all of our feasts is in disrepair and can't be used at all at this time.
My brothers and sisters, I felt a need to share this with you as I wish we could come together and aid in these repairs. This fair gentle hooks on to his hearth, which he build from private funds, drives from the Houston area to our event, helps to tend his creation that we are using for our feast and only asks that we pay for his wood and we comp his site fees.
Guys, that's cheap. Even though Ld. Voclov hasn't made this request, in fact, when I suggested this e-mail he initially refused, I'd like to take up a collection to send to him for his immediate costs. Any help that can be given I'm sure would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me off list if you'd be interested in helping me with this.
In service,

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