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charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Thu Apr 17 21:00:17 PDT 2003

My friends, as you know our brothers in Greywood are planning their Spring
melees at this time. Two weeks after that, we plan to hold our Baronial
championships in the same camp park. Sir Henri went and looked at the castle
and sends his thoughts and recommendations. I've spoken with Uther of
Greywood and they are planning a work day this Saturday starting at 10:00 AM
and working until -------... Any of us who aren't planning on attending
their Excellencies Easter egg hunt this Saturday and are just itching to do
something , please consider coming to Jones Country and helping with repairs
to the castle, mowing, weed eating, spreading ant poison and generally
getting the site ready for the two upcoming events. Also keep in mind that
do to the constraints of time, we won't be able to schedule a work day of
our own for the castle so this will be the last best chance to get things
the way we want it.
    I know that being Easter weekend makes this difficult or impossible for
many of you, but any help we can muster would be greatly appreciated. I've
forwarded the note sent from Sir Henri so that everyone could see basically
what we need to do. In addition to this, we'll be doing the general clean up
around the castle and spreading the ant poison.
                                In service,

Forwarded letter from Sir Henri...
> >
> >I took a look at the castle today and there could be a lot to do. All
> >references are from the inside looking out.
> >
> >1. The hardware used to bar the sally port is tearing out of the doors.
> >2. Right rear parapet post needs replacing.
> >3. Post on the right side wall under the parapet needs replacing as well
> >the post on the end of this wall. The wall and parapet are OK, but this
> >should be done in the future.
> >4. Left stair bottom hand rail post needs replacing.
> >5. All stairs on both sides are lose. I wouldn't wana let several Patrick
> >Michael up there.
> >6. Outside right stair way landing support needs to be replaced.
> >7. Need to bolt down the left side, 5th crenellation supports.
> >8. Need to replace the post supports on the left side 1st and 2nd
> >crenellation supports.
> >9. The left side banner post has broken off.
> >
> >My suggestion would be to disallow fighting up the stairs and on the
> >parapet. We could allow archers or marshals, but I wouldn't feel safe
> >the stairs for melees. To do the job right, we'd need to rebuild both
> >of stairs. Other than that, a few lag bolts and some 2x4s would do
> >
> >In service to the Equestrian Dream,
> >Sir Henri
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