[Bordermarch] Vivking Chairs

Mark Masters celtic_chaos75 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 19 16:33:23 PDT 2003

Once a few years back at an event for the Barony of the Lonely Tower ( 
Omaha, Nebraska ).  I had seen a two piece chair they called a Viking 
Traveling Chair.  It came in two parts, the seat part would slide into a 
grove into the chair back part.  It would then lean back some so that one 
could sit at almost a recline position.  I am just trying to see if any one 
has any pics or blue prints on how to make them.  I have tried looking on 
the net & have not found what I am looking for.  So any help from any one 
would be greatly appreiciated.  Thank you one & all...

In Service to the Dream
Lord Morgan Lucktain
A & S Officer or Barony Bordermarch
Quartermaster of the Pyrate Shiphold Posiedons' Fury

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