[Bordermarch] Events fast approaching...

John R Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Sun Dec 28 00:01:16 PST 2003


Our 12th night is Jan. 3rd at Terryll Park. Lord Malcolm is the event
steward with much planned.
We are in need of hay bails, if you know of where we may acquire them...
please contact Ld. Malcolm.
Ld. Antoine is stepping up again to do the cooking of the meats for us.
He could use some extra hands perhaps, and of course some sampling. 

The weekend after our 12th night is Coronation within the Barony of the
Steppes. The gift basket that will be presented to our new King and Queen
could use some more trinkets. If you are able, please bring them to our
12th night. 
As of now... about 10 Bordermarchers will be present at Coronation. 

Our Baronial Championships will be on March 5-7th. 
We have 3 event stewards who will share in this endeavor. Lady Ophelia,
Lord Cullen and Sir Simonn. 
Please stand and support them. They have some wonderful ideas that could
use your help. 
This will be 2 weekends before Gulf War. In preparing for the journey to
the East, we will have Melee practices to strengthen the Ansteorran
warrior. It is hoped for these to begin late mid-day Saturday to continue
Sunday if the fighters so wish it. 
We also have a feast steward whom has volunteered, Lord Elrique. Those of
you whom wish to help him in the "Kitchen" please get with him. 

After Baronials, we will not have an event till Autumn Melees in
November. Ideas and projects will be worked on during the months prior. A
chapel, bell tower and Long house to get the spectators within inches of
the fighting are all planned.
A bizarre with Roman style pillars, as well as ruins within the woods to
add to the woods battles. 
All of you have things you would like to see and do, please let us all
see them come to pass. Never stop dreaming...for that is what all of this
society was based upon. 
Soon there will be a post made to all of the groups within Ansteorra. It
will be asked for all to make 2 banners, so that we can display them
throughout Borderkeep grounds. 

You have stood firm, for your Kingdom and this Barony.
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do....
Armand of Bordermarch

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