[Bordermarch] THE GARAGE SALE

Karen Picou kladd at houston.rr.com
Mon Apr 5 09:22:39 PDT 2004

Add several to that because I may Ravensfort this past weekend got 2 more
merchants to come for melees and several of ravensfort have talked to me and
said that is we have another reval they will definatly be there ....Fire
dancers and the other dancers were saying they would come to melees also
6 on Sat is fine with me... If we end up having to make a site run to get
tables I am willing to go and help...
Karen Picou

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The weekend of the 24th, doth sound better.
What time do you wish to set up sat., 6am?....
does anyone wish to bring some xtra tables, maybe some pricing dots?

as for the proceeds, we talked of getting family's first.
this is a great run for a membership drive. Karen, since this is in your
home... you keep the funds until we can all meet and put this to good
use. definitely keep this separate from baronial funds for now.

have a roll call a few days before a pop meeting. anyone whom wishes
their names to go in a "hat to be drawn" need be present to accept this
gift. While at this meeting.... we bring up the topic of melees being an
extra day, need volunteers to help in this event. An attendance will be
in xcess of 450+. Gate will be the most needed to focus on. Perhaps those
whom names will be drawn will sit gate for a shift. A years gift for a
days work?... sounds good to me.

We should probably gather and get these items for the garage sale/
membership drive a few days before the actual sale.
A list of your items would probably be needed as well. In case a
purchaser has a question.... we know whom to ask.
Then once its sold, we mark it off on the list.

Those of us whom have memberships will not be considered for the
drawings... kinda defeats the purpose. ;)

We could also do this same thing at a later date. Some of the proceeds
from the "taverns at Autumn Melees" could go to some of these.


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