[Bordermarch] Fighter Practise this Thursday...

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Wed Jun 9 04:48:23 PDT 2004

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the Children of Ansteorra, I would be most delighted to inform
the populace on what they can do to help. Please let me know when would be
most convenient for the Barony.

In Service,
Lady Isabella
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> Vacation bible school is ongoing this time of year. I ask that all those
> whom smoke.... please do not in the front of the gymnasium. We are very
> fortunate to be able to use the gym.. lets not make a nuisance of
> ourselves. ;)
> The trash left can be unsightly.
> More endeavors will be happening at fighter practise. There is to be an
> intro to jewelry making class coming very soon.
> Also, we are desperately trying to have a 'courtly grace's' class. Her
> Excellency Countess Tessa and Her Excellency Amberlea have volunteered to
> give some of their time to educate on manners of court. Perhaps we will
> have a few words or even a class on who's who. How to spot a peer... what
> the belts mean.... scarves mean... or any ribbons/crowns they may wear. A
> question and answer session would probably be a good idea.
> On what it means to be a 'Kingdom Officer' of Ansteorra. Hopefully, Lady
> Isabella can visit and discuss this type of service at one of our up and
> coming classes.
> If you have any ideas on topics.... please share.
> Perhaps even set up a class.
> I remain,
> Armand
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