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Tessa,.... Sorry I'm just now getting back to you ...I have been ill and stiil not feeling o.k......If I could I would love to use the cooler and Gatorade for MoC at 25th. We were having trouble getting enough things togather for ALL the events that will take place at 25th....Thank You so much for your help in this ..our Kingdom Waterbearer will love it ....I'll get back to you on this later in the week...Thank YOu...Kandace

benliz <benliz at ev1.net> wrote:This is a reminder for the populace to respond to the request about 
needs for AAA, July 9 -11.

Kandyce, I can provide a personal 5 gal. Igloo jug labeled w/ name on it),
a canister of Gatorade powder mix,
a 1 gal jar of dill pickles,
and will try to pick up a bag of fresh oranges on the way to AAA.
Can you please say where at site the pavilion will be to drop off these 
Or, would you rather me get these things to you before that weekend so 
you can transport them?
We can arrange the retrieval of the igloo for sometime Saturday nite or 
Sunday morning.

Somewhere under the carport here, is a blue 5 gal. Rubbermaid jug w/ 
white lid
labeled in red letters "WATER" which was left behind (maybe Melees or 
so we brought it home. I do not recall if it is someone's personal 
property or
from the shed at the castle. Someone who knows, please identify.

Isabella, would you please post another notice if you still need items 
for MoC, such as sunflower seeds, glue etc. I have misplaced that list. 
Bright day to all,
Joy and Peace,

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