[Bordermarch] Relocation day June 26 2004

benliz benliz at ev1.net
Fri Jun 25 20:05:43 PDT 2004

Lord Caradoc, Lady Pamela, Brandon,
We pray the move and helping hands go well for you.  
Sorry we cannot be of assistance this time.
Will you be posting your new address?

Take care and please stay in touch,
    Peace and Joy be yours,

RIsaac9056 at aol.com wrote:

> Well, everyone that time has come to finally bring my family together 
> under one roof. My long weekend journeys Are almost over. It is time 
> to move my family into the great unknown and conquer new land in the 
> name of our barony and kingdom. So this Saturday (June 26) we will be 
> doing just that. A few people have already graciously been nice enough 
> to volunteer their time to come an assist but I would really 
> appreciate it if I could get just a few more. It has been such a long 
> time since we have all lived under the same roof as a family that we 
> are eager to get things loaded up and moved as fast as possible.
> Now I know that it is a work weekend at the castle site this weekend 
> but I am asking for anyone that is not planning on attending to the 
> site or just doesn't have the time to please lend us a little of their 
> time to help us to load up this Saturday starting around 9 or 10am. 
> Most of the Yurt (house) is already loaded, packed and ready so it 
> should not take to long at all. Food and refreshments will be 
> available. There is plenty of parking at the church across the street 
> from our Yurt (house).
> If you are willing to lend a hand for just a little while we will be at
> 2301 West Lucas
> Beaumont, Texas 77706
> 409-899-2518
> Just look for the giant covered wagon that says UHAUL.
> Thanks for you time and We look forward to seeing our friends and 
> family again real soon. Bordermarch is our home now and no matter how 
> far we move (Which is not far at all). We will always call this Barony 
> our home.
> Lord Caradoc, Lady Pamela and Brandon too.
> Always in service to the dream
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