[Bordermarch] Listing for Newsletter RE: IVANHOE DEMO

nanvic143 at juno.com nanvic143 at juno.com
Fri Sep 10 06:42:36 PDT 2004


Greetings, again, SCA!

Just another update on your upcoming demo October 2, 2004 at Ivanhoe,

We are almost at capacity with vendor spots!  Have a few inside booths
left ($40) and variety is great.  

We have a NEW ATTRACTION! as of yesterday. Ther is a wonderful couple
here in Woodville that raise MINATURE DONKEYS and  full-sized LLAMAS, and
he's bringing one of each to our event for the kids!  They are totally
tamed and use to this.  The kids can lead them around the grounds on a
leash, pet and talk to them, etc.  This guy is so great!  He plays with
the kids, interacting with the animals!

One more "goodie" for the kids!!

Nancy Bodden
Ivanhoe Entertainment Committee

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