[Bordermarch] Wiesenfeuer Baronials

RichardandDebra Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Sun Sep 12 23:09:35 PDT 2004

	A week late in sending this.... forgive me.

Our Lady Isabella, Kingdom Minister of Children took 2nd place in Arts
and Science at Wiesenfeuer Baronials in Oklahoma. 

Her piece was on "Spirtual Landscape"  

She initially tied for 'First-Place.... alas a tie-breaker by one point
put her in a close first.

Many of Bordermarchers are making travels throughout this Kingdom... this
is good.
Supporting Ansteorra is the greatest gift we can give.

We had 7 attend Wiesenfeuer....
Lord ILLDanach
Lady Isabella
Lord Sterling
M'lady Dena
M'lord Liam.... our adopted brother of House Sable Dawn 

Of Bordermarch we had 4 attend Queens Champion, also held in the 'Great
HE Count Sir Simonn
HE Countess Tessa

In all whom go forth, know this.....
The banner of Bordermarch is displayed proudly! 
She represents us all.

Ravensfort is upon the next weeks end.... whom all can go?
Also on the same wknd is a demo in Blackmoor Keep, our dear friends in
Meridies... Louisianna. 
If you can go to Meridies send word as well.

enjoy your travels.... 

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