[Bordermarch] Wiesenfeuer Baronials

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Tue Sep 14 02:38:52 PDT 2004


As if you could ever be a nobody!! Thank you. I would never have begun this 
road if not for the support of key membners of the barony at the time.


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>How awesome it is to have someone with your talent in our midst. 
>Congratulations Ly. Isabelle. This is indeed incredible news... And just 
>think. I knew you when you were a nobody like me. Keep smiling, much love 
>and joy, doing happy dance as I type. ( makes it hard ) Elrique
>   RichardandDebra Parrish <armand_caitrin at juno.com> wrote:
>     A week late in sending this.... forgive me.
>     Our Lady Isabella, Kingdom Minister of Children took 2nd place in Arts 
>and Science at Wiesenfeuer Baronials in Oklahoma.
>     Her piece was on "Spirtual Landscape"
>     She initially tied for 'First-Place.... alas a tie-breaker by one 
>point put her in a close first.
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