[Bordermarch] Wiesenfeuer Baronials

Jackie Leslie jackie_leslie at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 02:48:25 PDT 2004

Dana and I are going to try to daytrip to Ravensfort, but like all else 
right now I can't guarantee it.


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>Subject: [Bordermarch] Wiesenfeuer Baronials
>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 01:09:35 -0500
>	A week late in sending this.... forgive me.
>Our Lady Isabella, Kingdom Minister of Children took 2nd place in Arts
>and Science at Wiesenfeuer Baronials in Oklahoma.
>Her piece was on "Spirtual Landscape"
>She initially tied for 'First-Place.... alas a tie-breaker by one point
>put her in a close first.
>Many of Bordermarchers are making travels throughout this Kingdom... this
>is good.
>Supporting Ansteorra is the greatest gift we can give.
>We had 7 attend Wiesenfeuer....
>Lord ILLDanach
>Lady Isabella
>Lord Sterling
>M'lady Dena
>M'lord Liam.... our adopted brother of House Sable Dawn
>Of Bordermarch we had 4 attend Queens Champion, also held in the 'Great
>HE Count Sir Simonn
>HE Countess Tessa
>In all whom go forth, know this.....
>The banner of Bordermarch is displayed proudly!
>She represents us all.
>Ravensfort is upon the next weeks end.... whom all can go?
>Also on the same wknd is a demo in Blackmoor Keep, our dear friends in
>Meridies... Louisianna.
>If you can go to Meridies send word as well.
>enjoy your travels....
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