[Bordermarch] Ravensfort

RichardandDebra Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Tue Sep 21 08:23:36 PDT 2004

	Bordermarch had a great presence at Defender of the Fort this year!!

Of the 17 whom represented this barony, many thanks for supporting our
friends in Ravensfort.

Ldy Ophelia			Ld Elrique
Ld Vishyshua  ( Vinnie )		Ld Phocus
Ldy Selina			Lillie
Ld Antoine			Cammie< whom we have stol..errr adopted
Ldy Crystal			Chris<  adopted also, both are still Ravensfort at heart
Gabriel				Caitrin
Ld Malcolm			Armand
Ldy Theresa

if I failed to mention anyone.... forgive me

Ldy Selina and Ld Phocus entered the Arts and Science competition.....
both did "very well" 
Caitrin entered the newcommer Arts and Science
Ld Malcolm entered the Chivalric tournament.... 
Armand entered the Rapier tournament....

As the Bordermarch banner was proudly displayed on the grounds of
Ravensfort, this barony was also represented in the Kingdom of Meridies.
TE Simonn and Tessa journeyed to Blackmoor and supported a demo they
held. Word came back telling of new interest within our realm. The SCA is
continuing to grow.

Our dear friends in Noble Elfsea will hold a celebration upon the next
weeks end.
Golden Arrow X in Stonebridge is also upon the same day.

Our friends in Gates Edge will soon be having their celebration on Oct.
8-10 ( Houston )
Our sister Shire of Greywood is celebrating on Oct. 15-17 at Jones
Country.... our site as well
Bjornsborg has an Investiture upon the same day in San Antonio

Many glorious celebrations to witness.... the lands of Ansteorra shine
like no other.
We wish to make more Bordermarch favors, to be given to you all.
If you could possibly help with these... please send word. They are quite
easy to do.

much love,

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