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David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 13:43:00 PST 2005

            Autumn Melees 2005
  My good Lady Elizabeth and I are still applauding Autumn Melees 2005. What a wonderful turn out we had despite the hurricanes and their disruption of peoples lives everywhere. Our autocrat and event coordinators did an outstanding job of pulling things together and dealing with the unexpected problems brought on by the hurricanes.
  This year I once again had the pleasure of being the manboy at Thy Hammered Biscuit. From my station at the washbasin I could observe a cooking class, an archery contest, a forging demonstration, dancing lessons taking place and a whole market full of vendors hawking their wares to travelers from distant lands. There was something happening everywhere one looked. The air was clear but crisp and many strangers would ask to share our fire for a moment. We would swap tall tales, share some refreshment and warmth then they would depart no longer strangers but friends. 
  My Lady and I missed so much yet observed more than ever at this event. The friendships made at Autumn Melees are not something we carry in our pocket only to be shown off a few times a year, they are new friendships we cherish and nurture and speak often of with pride.
  Lord Santiago

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