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Charles cnetterville at ih2000.net
Mon May 2 20:36:02 PDT 2005

Greetings do I send unto you, my brothers and sisters of Ansteorra.
It is my hope that this missive finds each of you well and of good cheer.
    It is my honor to serve you as feast steward for the upcoming Bordermarch Baronial championships.
While this menu may change just a bit as we get down to the last minute, this is how I am planning to serve and a complete menu as follows.
    We will be preparing a Roman feast with Greek and Italian influence . 
So whet thine appetites and come hungry. I have several slots left but I'm getting reservations daily now 
We will be starting as follows. 
                                 Gustatio ( appetizers )
Baskets of bread with a soft sweet herbed cheese spread
Minestrone Toscana soup
Greek salad
stuffed and fried eggs
                                    Mensae Primae ( Main course ) 
Roman stuffed meat patties
seasoned mixed vegetables with a garlic and olive oil glaze
Fresh Hen from Salina's farm, Slow roasted with herbs and stuffed.
Pan Fried carrots with herbs
                                    Mensae Secundus ( Dessert )
Savillum, ( a period cheesecake
Figs, dates and grapes as supplies allow

A child's feast of spaghetti and meat sauce served with garlic bread will be available and is free to 12 and younger patrons with the purchase of an adult feast. 
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