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very nice!

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> Gray Lady
> By Tommie Stovall Prentiss
> aka Lady Katitcha Brendwyth Eledin Stovold
> A visage forms from mystic memory and fog.
> A flowery, feminine scent fills the air.
> Who knows this spirit is here?
> Who knows why she lingers there?
> You spy her whispy form as she floats by.
> A great sadness filling your soul.
> You second guess yourself and blink your eyes.
> What? Wait. Where did she go?
> Your mind wonders who she is?
> An urge to find out more.
> Who is this spirit that is here?
> Why does she linger there?
> A deep dread creeps upon you.
> As you spy her once more.
> Her poor heart broken once and final.
> Now she dwells restless eternal.
> A strained sob escapes your breast.
> Her face seems to look upon you.
> A desperate pain is felt.
> Your emotions, not your own, into despair melt
> Overwhelmed, you run away.
> To find that day is dawning.
> Was what you saw real?
> your imagination running?
> You know your home is not your own.
> It is she who still lives here.
> Sharing your dwelling with this lonely ghost.
> Do not give into your fear.
> You wait, her visage forming in the fog.
> That flowery scent fills the air.
> You know the spirit has come again.
> You know why she lingers here.
> A sad, knowing smile upon your face.
> She drifts about you to and fro.
> She seeks happiness again.
> To tell her story and go.
> You take your pen to paper.
> Her story you will write.
> Now her memory no longer fades.
> She will be free this night.
> Her visage no longer forms in the fog.
> That flowery scent filling air.
> The spirit not coming again.
> She no longer lingers there.
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