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Bordermarch Baronials 2005

   I am sure that before the Earth turned into a sphere drooling was considered a tell sign of an individuals weak mind. My only saving grace was the fact that I had to walk rather briskly to the Nobles pavilion to receive my A.O.A. and broke a pretty good sweat doing so. Good Lady Elisabeth of Green Mountain Keep to whom I am eternally grateful to for choosing me as her life mate and thereby adjusting my social graces whenever she deems necessary also received her A.O.A. She forgot to tell me to remain by her side at all times during court in case she needs to be escorted to the Nobles. Needless to say I was out of sight when her worst fear came to pass. Her Most Excellent Tessa of the Gardens covered for my shameless behavior and escorted my lovely Lady to receive her award.  Upon their return I withered when they spied me, their eyes became snake-like slits but the barely audible hissing sound scared me the most. Once again my heathen upbringing stood corrected as my Lady showed me how it was done and escorted me to receive my award.
   Alone in my puddle of shame I stood for how long I know not. I watched great fighters give their all round after round while roasting in their armor.  Thanks go to the water bearers for being vigilant in their duties. The parade of people with their attire was inspiring. None shared their secret of remaining fresh and crisp looking while I melted. 
   I turned to ask my good Lady the accepted procedure for drying one's brow and was found lacking guidance. The Ladies had migrated to the Noble Luncheon pavilion and were preparing the noon day meal. My unworthy eyes then fell upon the feast resplendent in its presentation. Aromas, foreign to my uneducated senses, permeated the Mediterranean ambiance. The cool shade of the Noble Luncheon pavilion promised pleasures I could only dream about in my most private moments, of course I speak of food. I had found the source that had coaxed my slobber glands to dance.
    We know the consumption of fuel to sustain one's life is oft taken for granted and becomes quite mundane but this cornucopia of consumables now within the reach of my pudgy hands was most definitely high octane culinary delights. My social graces, now honed to a razor edge, kicked in and I forced myself from these tables laden heavy with ambrosia. The Nobles streamed to the feast and satiated themselves on what I would soon discover was food truly fit for a King. When I perceived the Noble crowd to be thinning I wheedled my way to the tables to discover there was no need to rush. Our elegant Baroness HE Lady Caitrin De Lacy had prepared an abundance of food, so much so that all could participate in a truly royal experience. Needless to say I filled my plate with dessert first, a mixture of fruit marinated in what must have been aged golden wine from the high vineyards of Rome. Candied apricots, stuffed dates and succulent plums magically appeared on my platter. One of the delightful servers at the tables decided that I was looking a bit pasty and proceeded to load my dish with mixed vegetables. The only vegetables I regularly consume are corn and potatoes in one form or another so you can understand my surprise at the wonderful taste these veggies assaulted me with. Pray nobody saw me quiver when I discovered the spiced shrimp, such a wonderful flavor when combined with the most excellent cheesecake that was presented to the populace. My second trip to the tables placed me in the presence of a young goddess, who offered this unworthy soul some pita bread stuffed with finely diced greens and seasoned chicken. Grape leaves embracing a mixture of meat and spices were worthy of accolades from all.
    I awoke from my stupor in a quasi-slumped stance full of some of the finest food I had ever tasted. While migrating back to my campsite I had to ruminate on what I had just experienced. A feast featuring period Roman cuisine with a surrounding backdrop of gladiators fighting in the coliseum, the populace seated amongst the colossus marble pillars cheering their favorites to victory and of course the spiced shrimp.
     Darkness settles as torch and candle flare to life throughout the settlement. The nights quite magic summons forth the drums. Dancing and singing spontaneously erupt while old friends hug and talk of the day's events. The evening court and feast that ensue represent more of the magic that happens within our small but proud Barony. All were participants in a dream that turns into reality far too seldom. All present at the Bordermarch Baronials 2005 deserve the thanks and gratitude of my Lady Elisabeth and myself Lord Santiago for allowing us to enjoy the dream with you and leaving us with good memories and many new friends.

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Lord Santiago of Green Mountain Keep

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