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My name is Aingeal Mac an Ghabhann. Mundanely I am known as Angelia Myers
and I am licensed in the State of Texas for Public Water. This is the link
to my licences.
I have followed up on the information that was posted. I went to several
web pages to verify the water quality in Canton. Here is what I have found
with links available for you to go check for yourselves. I went to the EPA.
and in this report you see that there was a violation in October of 2004.
This was due to a changed in the level of THM allowed in water. The City of
Canton has corrected this by changing their treatment process. That
information is shown on the TCEQ web page.
If you type in this number 2340001 you will pull up the City of Canton. If
you are concerned about the water read the difference on this web page
between Superior and Approved. I have spoke with the Water Treatment
Operator and he will be providing sample results and a water quality report
to our group. I will try to get it to the gate and Chirugeon point
If you are using one of the hose bibs please run it until the water starts
running cool. This will allow you to get fresh drinkable water. Water that
sits in a hose is not good to drink If you have question you can contact me
at clan_mac at charter.net or call 817-480-2444.

In Service to the Dream,

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