[Bordermarch] Crown Prince/cess Aaron & Britta

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Sat Apr 1 13:41:09 PST 2006

Messaging rapidly as we speak; am on the phone with a loved one who called from field-side at Crown Tournament, Rosenfeld!
Victory is won! We have Heirs Apparent!
Aaron and Britta!  The Brides-Maid Aaron is now the Bride.  He's come in "second" in how many recent Crown Tournaments? Headed now to Duke-dom.
Britta was a bit injured in the chin, if I got this correct, and is being carried in rather than walking on her own.
Much roar of crowd in approval.  
Final round was between Gunthar and Aaron.  Gunthar was fighting again for Sara Penrose, I believe... and wouldn't *that* have also been a wonderful thing had they won again?

I am speaking briefly with Her Radiant Majesty Valeria on phone who sends her love to all her precious populace with the news that Her labor pains are complete and She has Her heirs now!  Her Majesty Ansteorra proclaims that all the rounds were very clean.
Also Her Majesty is feeling so much better now.  She and Her Princess Heir Britta are receiving the best care and attentions possible with help getting around.

Vivat Heirs!
Vivat Crown!
Vivat Ansteorra!
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