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Sat Apr 8 12:58:12 PDT 2006

just a quick note on some attendance.
  Fighter practise on Thursdays and Sundays have been very good. Thurs at Rogers Park @ 7pm and Sundays at Wuthering Heights @ 4pm.. well attended and supported. We *do* need more chivalric, I will be bringing my heavy armor as well. 
  Arts and Science, Bardic is also gathering there.
  Our officers work tirelessly in the endeavors of their office. They contribute ideas and hopes of making this barony better..stronger. The greater populace supports and maintains that passion we all strive for. The contributions at our events do not stop at the gate. A great number of you have offered help and service unto Baronials. HL Theresa can not do this alone, the success depends on us all. Those coordinators have taken care of details and could always use an extra hand, for an hour or so. 
  At this Populace, our goal is to make it also the last event-planning meeting.
  We have been honored in hosting a Centurian Circle at Baronials!
  Ld. Miquel, man-at-arms of Lawrence the Rampant, is currently at Borderkeep. He is making sure the castle grounds are mowed and some small debris is picked up. He is from Seawinds, and wished to give in any way he can. Some of us will be there next Saturday and also the following. If you can go either of these times, please contact me. With many great events happening within this month, it will be a challenge to have enough hands. Of course mundane life conflicts as well. 
  Olaf and Aldric( Troy ) a few others are spreading ant killer around this wknd too. 
  hope to see everyone at populace on Tuesday at Gander Mountain, at 7pm.
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