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Thursday P.M.  
The hour is late, and the list administrator may not get to this until Friday.  I want to type it now because we will be gone the rest of the weekend  in production of the Resurrection pageant/s. 
 We  have messages from Karo that Armuin was hospitalized at Og Mem after a nasty fall the other day. She is bruised but not broken.  She has been there a few days.  In fact, Armuin probably could have gone home tomorrow / Friday, said Karo, except the doctor left on long weekend break today / Thursday and did not release her.
Armuin's spirits are good.  Her weight and her age are very similar: under 90.  
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  Our condolences, with love and prayers for Sonja and Ian.
  Ben & Liz

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    Lady Serena asked me to post this.

    Early Thursday morning Sonja's dad passed away after a long battle with cancer. Please keep her an Ian in your thoughts.


    Lady Ophelia Larue

    Karen Picou


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