[Bordermarch] Re: Checking on Accommmodations

cnetterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Mon Apr 24 16:50:32 PDT 2006

As of a couple of weeks ago the Woodville Inn was still shut down.
There's another hotel in Woodville but the name escapes me.
There are also a couple of hotels around Rayburn Country and a few more in 
Jasper. Yet again I'm useless so far as the names go but if someone on this 
list perhaps has less synaptic loss where this matter is concerned perhaps 
they can post the names and bail me out????
If all else fails and we can't find any, I'll check the Jasper and Woodville 
yellow pages tomorrow afternoon when I get another moment to myself...
En Servante Christus et Corronae

Theresa Liddle writes: 

>   Greetings unto Giuliana Firidolfi, here's hoping this missive finds you well,
>   I have put a call into the chamber of commerce in Woodville to see if there may be a B&B or some other lodging around and hopefully they will get back to me today. I have also called the Woodville Inn they are not answering today. I will keep checking and I will post your note on our local board to see if someone here may know of accommodations. Don't give up!! I will let you know as soon as I know anything. 
>   Yours in Service,
>   Therese d'Ivoire
>   Event Stewart
>       Greetings unto HL Therese l’Ivoire.  I know that the event is upon you, and that the pre-event craziness is in full swing. Even so, I must ask for some information from you or from someone who can help.  
>        Two friends & I wish to attend Bordermarch; however, one is disabled and cannot camp out. I also do not camp well this time of year [terminal allergies!]  We have attempted to find lodging in the area but, alas, all inns seem to be full.  
>        Do you know of any hotels or crash space available?   If so, please advise as you can.  My contact info is below.
>        Thank you for your assistance in this the busiest of times.  
>   In Service,
>   Giuliana Firidolfi 
>   m/k/a Jean Moore
>   Home email: gjmoore1 at airmail.net 
>   Cell:     214.315.3665
>   Home:  214.321.7367

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