[Bordermarch] Lady Mara's Mom, Erma Creswell

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Dec 6 15:46:16 PST 2006

If you are acquainted with Crystal Skull, this information is regarding one 
of their own.
Just received phone call of the passing away of Erma Creswell, mother of 
Julie /Lady Mara of the Crystal Sword. Mara is a swordswoman who began SCA 
in Bordermarch, traveled the length and width of Ansteorra, also became a 
stain glass artisan, moved to another kingdom.   She has been away for two 
decades.  Mara is to be in town for a few days.

Visitation is in Nederland from 5 -9 P.M. Thursday at the Methodist Church.
Memorial Service is Friday, 10 A.M.

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