[Bordermarch] error Part 1: Timeline for Polling and Selection

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Fri Dec 22 08:46:50 PST 2006

Kingdom Seneschal sent notice of a digit error in print.  
"March 2006" below  should be 2007.
Sorry to not have caught that...
  §        February 25, 2007: Have you sent an email to the Crown with your commentary about the baronial candidates? If not, do so right away.

  §        February 28, 2007: All email with commentary about the baronial candidates is due to the Crown.

  §        March 10, 2006: The Crown announces their final decision. This is to allow them enough time to read each and every one of the opinion poll forms and commentary emails.

  §        Saturday, April 28, 2007: TRM officially invest the new Baron and Baroness. This is a big occasion and the populace is urged to attend to lend their support to their new landed nobility.

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