[Bordermarch] Land for G.W.16

kandace harris thetexladi at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 28 21:07:17 PST 2006

 Greeting unto the Poplace of Bordermarch,
      Well , It's been a year and we now have a roof over our heads and a floor under our feet and the Helium hand is working again. I'm this year landacrat for G.W's. 
      If you are planning on going to Gulf Wars XVI this  March , Please let me know the size of your tent and the number of people going with you. I would like to know A.S.A.P. as I would like to make sure we get our land togather for this Great Event. The quicker you let me know the better place you'll have .If you want to camp next to someone , please let me know that also and I'll try to do my best to see to it. 
     If you need help, ask me something , please feel free to E-mail thetexladi at sbcglobal.net  Phone #'s 409-755-6470 (H) 409-782-5621 (C). 
     Looking forward to a wonderful Event.
   In service Always,
  Lady Kandyce of Oakclyffee
     ( Kandace)

                  It's nice to be Important ...But....It's more important to be nice...Ldy, Kandyce of Oakclyffe 
  You see, in the final Analysis,...
  It was never between you and them...
                                      It's between You and God...                                   

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