[Bordermarch] Land for G.W 18

kandace harris thetexladi at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 30 03:34:57 PST 2006

 To the Populace of Bordormarch,
       In my last post ,I misstated ,that I was landacrat for G.W.s'. I should have said , I was dealing with Land for Bordormarch "only". I am so sorry for any misunderstanding that has accrued. 
       I still need your info on camping and #'s that are going and will be camping so that I may pass the info on to Regional Landacrat , who is doing a wonderful job, in order for him to pass it on .
       So very sorry for any offense taken and Thank You so much for the friend that pointed this out to me.  That's what Family is for .
   Love to All,

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