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Dana is researching woodburning at the moment. I am completing my research 
on embroidery and finishing the display piece to go with the paper.


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>Greetings EricS, Vinnie, and Dana, comes this missive from Therese,
>   I am not sure who Vinnie is but if they are doing beautiful work I need 
>to know what they are doing.
>   Vinnie, if you are out there please let me know what you are up to it's 
>bragging time. Thank you.
>   Dana also let me know what you have on your work bench I want to brag.
>   (Theresa,
>Check in with Vinnie . He (and his houseful of other woodborers) is doing 
>some beautiful (and very practical) work.
>Dana Leslie is a wonderful wood carver and has offered to teach.
>There are others, but it's late, and my brain is a little foggy.
>   Theresa
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