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Fri Jan 27 18:43:27 PST 2006

Dear Theresa,
  My lord husband has built a wonderful pair of chairs - not quite finished yet, but should be by Baronials.  Words can't do them justice.
  Amberlea just finished the second of a pair of breadbasket covers in her typically perfect blackwork (thank you again!!!).

Theresa Liddle <cre8tivtess at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Greetings to all the members and friends of Bordermarch, comes this missive from HL Therese d'Ivoire hoping that all of you are well and through the holiday,
  I am writing to let you know that I am now filling the office of the MoA&S and I want to show off what this Barony is and can do, so if you are creating great things or small things please let me know so I can send notice of your works around our Kingdom. I am beginning pottery classes soon and we will be making period pottery. If you are interested in taking some classes please let me know. Also I have talked to our lovely Baroness and Seneschal about beginning a bellydance class again. We have music, videos, and the moves to learn so if you are interested let me know also. We will need a large area to dance in so if anyone has an empty garage or large room we can use let me know. I am hoping th! at Lady Kaithleen Hamilton our talented scribe will consider some calligraphy classes I will be willing to help if you are interested?? Lady Gabrielle, MoC, please let me know if there are any activities and great things that our lovely children are doing. Lord Vaclav Slovaczek, does the
 hospitalers office need anything?? Clothes? Feast gear? Jewelry? Anything?? Let me know. Lady Amber Lea any beautiful needlework you want to talk about??? Mistress Tessa I have photos for the history book I should have them together soon. I will put them into your hands personally. Arianna Rhosyn the beautiful garb you make tell us about it?? Anyone writing poetry or songs?? I want to know!!! Cooking??? Jewelry??? Woodworking??? Carving??? Armor??? Weaving/Spinning/Beadwork??? Anything???Costuming??? Pleeeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!! let me know. I love all of you and I want you to show off. And we can't do that without you lettin! g me know. I'll be waiting. 
  I am your humble servant if service to the Barony,


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