[Bordermarch] Bordermarch Populace Meeting

LadyVal at aol.com LadyVal at aol.com
Mon Sep 4 21:29:46 PDT 2006

My Dearest Tessa,
Friday after our Populace meeting, I called the Curator of the Art  Museum 
and asked if September 28 was available, and was told that it is free  that 
Did we have enough members raising their hands to attend at the  Museum in 
Port Arthur ?  I have the key to the Museum, and have the  security alarm code, 
as I am on the board of directors, as is  Theresa..
Shall we spread the word about the location?  Could I  pick up a sandwich 
tray, chips, etc before the meeting?  Maybe some 2 liter  bottles of soft drinks?
In Service to my Barony of Bordermarch, the Coastal Region, my  Kingdom of 
Ansteorra--and The Dream,

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