[Bordermarch] To all those in the barony

Crystal young cly0929 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 6 06:57:18 PDT 2006

  Caleb and I wish to express our apoogies for not being able to attend practices and such as we have been very busy with school and work and our little one...who turns 1 this month by the way.....Also, If MOC can use lots of baby food jars for some activity I can get and have plenty of them...We will try to make populus this month at the TAMS bldg. if possible...if we are needed to volunteer for something or anyone needs anything please let us know. 
  Also, I would like to invite everyone to Elaina's first birthday party on Sept. 30 at 4 pm at Claiborne Park. We will have BBQ and cake and kids can play all evening. Please attend if possible..we would love to see everyone. call me at 883-6205 if coming or needed for melees. 
  Truly in service, 
  Caleb and Geneva

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