[Bordermarch] To all those in the barony

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Thu Sep 7 03:58:28 PDT 2006

Congrats and Happy Birthday to little Elaina !
And to Momsie and Popsie on this milestone.  :)

Actually, Phocas is to be credited with the Officer Picture plan (not moi) 
for the populace Parchment Pages (not quite the "Yellow Pages") to be 
distributed by the end of September.
He is the designer and decider and photographer, as to the place and time 
for the officer group pose.
I am merely a communicator to the officers about it.
Web site?  I didn't know a group picture was also needed for the web.

All Populace, if anyone's contact information has changed since Sept 2005, 
please notify Phocas for an edit so your information will be accurate in the 
Parchment Pages.  Also, interests or accomplishments.

And thanks also to Germanicus and Phocas for visual updates on the web about 
the Melees!
Have a great day, all...

Packing for Weisenfeur,

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  Tessa is working on setting up a time for the officers and their deputies 
to get together for an officers picture for the upcoming parchment pages and 
the web site. It will be on a Friday night or weekend in September. I'll let 
you know when and where as soon as I find out, if you are interested in 
being in it.


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