[Bordermarch] Melees Discussion

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Sep 13 18:51:17 PDT 2006

>    Water Bearing  REMOVED     need donation for supplies( 
> fruit,pickles,nuts, gatoraide)

Slovaczek, when I managed the WB for The Lysts at Castleton this summer, I 
got bowls for serving fruit/pickles and different ones for cleansing and 
rinsing.  You may borrow my gear rather than need to "buy" more bowls.
For Waterbearers, I will bring two (2) large bottles of pickles and one (1) 
can, if not two (2) cans, of Gatorade dry powder mix.

As always, oranges are needed, or melons if there are still some in season.
Will someone else please bring oranges or melons?
Will someone else please bring more Gatorade?

>    Site Maintaince               REMOVED  Need donations for Ant-Killer or 
> Ant-Killer
>    Noble Lunch/Dinner   REMOVED   Still excepting donations, have some
>    Propane for Torches  REMOVED     need donations
>    Site Tokens              REMOVED    already donated
>  This what we have kept on the budget.
>  Horse Insurance (Paid-Must Have)
>  MOC (The children's Activities)
>  Toilets (MUST HAVE)
>  Prizes (for the Champions)
>  Acceps Charge (Event fee pay in advance)
>  Plus Site Rental's
>  I hope this helps everyone. If you can help with donation please contact 
> the Event Stewards - Adolf the Bear or Aaron Whitewolf.
>  Love to All,
>  Caitrin

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