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Tommie Stovall-Prentiss katitcha at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 15 09:02:38 PDT 2006


  This is a very good point.  Without communication in an open manner, rumor 
etc. takes off.  Misinformation and inacuracies continue to be circulated.   
I am one of the members of this Barony(paid by the way) that is often unable 
to make populace or fighter practice due to lack of transporation or health 
issues.  This forum allows me to keep informed as to the goings on.  I saw 
it on here that someone said it isn't their problem when someone can't vote 
on an issue, but to the contrary, it is all our problem.  That means someone 
is being left out and may not know what is occurring.  I am a bit more 
outspoken than some, but they may not know what or how to ask in regards to 
an issue.  Please, use our lists as a means to communicate what occurs in 
populace meetings etc.  I for one would greatly appreciate it. If you don't 
want to use this forum, I am more than willing to form a yahoo group for 
Bordermarch, where all discussion, as long as respectful, may occur.  
Please, let me know what you all think about that.  I am not trying to stir 
up problems, but trying to give insight, so please don't fry me.

In Service to the Dream
Lady Katitcha
tommie stovall prentiss

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