[Bordermarch] Bordermarch Populace Meeting Notes Aug, 2006

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  Lord Phocas you have done your homework.  It is good to see that a lot of 
research went into your decision.
Folks,  18 and under for a site fee is really good esp for five days and 
three days of activities.  While I was abroad, one of the reasons, we 
couldn't do SCA was cost.  A simple weekend event could be 20 or more a 
person depending on who was running it. Also, they didn't separate teens 
out.  Anyone over 12 usually paid the same price.  That may have changed in 
some cases, but that is the way it was.  We really have it good here in 
Ansteorra and in Bordermarch.  Heck, Pennsic is hundreds of dollars.  I know 
things can be tight.  I myself am not rich, but have been saving for months 
to do this and hopefully Baronials in the Spring. Just remember it isn't 
about how many you make it is how you participate when you do make them that 
counts.  I think everything is going to be really fun and lovely again this 
year.  I hope you all do too.

Lady Katitcha

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>Subject: Re: [Bordermarch] Bordermarch Populace Meeting Notes Aug, 2006
>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 23:10:41 -0500
>Greetings Baron Ericus the Silverhand and other who may have missed the 
>couple Populace meetings,
>   I agree that this group should be used for an exchange of information of
>ideas and also of opinions (if properly stated and not attacking or
>derogatory)- but I also see that the depth of some topics should be
>discussed in meetings face to face where you also have full knowledge who 
>listening.  Follows is my original message sent 9/12 BEFORE the Seneschal 
>other officers knew that the Baronet was changing site fees - it was
>censored and not posted to the list:
>   I will not address the budget as I respect and agree with HE Caitrin 
>this is not the place. But I will, if I may be allowed to comment on site
>fees. I think this does need to be addressed with those not present to hear
>what had been discussed at length at Populace, at Officers meetings and
>Event financial meetings...
>    Last year when I was Autumn Melees Event Steward, I felt site fee 
>be raised and did a lot of research on what other groups in our Kingdom 
>charging for their events.  First thing I found was that a straight
>comparison was difficult because each group addresses charges for teenagers
>and children differently - bottom line was that Bordermarch is one of the
>most generous on the families with the most price breaks both for age and
>for at what age range got those breaks.  At that time I found no other
>regular(annual/re-occurring) events that were over $12.  In presenting this
>data and discussions with the financial committee the decision was made to
>keep the price at $12. Most events that only charged $8 had no price break
>for teenagers- thus over 10-12 yrs old were full adult price.  We did not
>loose money at Melees last year, but we did not replenish Baronial coffers
>as needed.
>   I have also come to realize this year, that when I did the analysis on
>event fees that I did not take into consideration the extra days that add
>extra value to Autumn Melees.  I was comparing prices to events that were
>opening some time on Friday, activities on Saturday, and closing on Sunday-
>with VERY few exceptions. Most events were $8-$12 for that one day of
>activities (and they didn't have a castle to play on :)  So what that boils
>down to is that last year at melees, we had two full days of activities,
>both days full of classes, MOC activities, lots of merchants, Hafla
>(including the Kingdom ME dance Championship), and LOTS of fighting at
>   This year, much debate, and I mean a LOT of discussion went into site
>fees, how much, where to give price breaks on arrival days and so on.  
>pricing at $18 is NOT almost double last year, yes it is a 50% increase in
>total site fee (for members)from last year- but when you look at the fact
>that is for 3 days of activities (5 days on site if one chooses) that is
>STILL only $6/day of activities.  If you choose to come in late, late on
>Friday or on Saturday, an adult is paying $16 or $8/day of activity.  That
>is still cheaper then most kingdom events when you look at the cost per day
>of activity.
>   I too was very concerned with loosing attendance because of an increase,
>but when you look at the value of what Autumn Melees has now been offering
>in the last several years, it is still a great deal and very in line with
>what the rest of the Kingdom is charging for events.
>   I hope this has given those concerned with the price increase a better
>understanding and a more positive perspective.  Hope to see you ALL at
>In Service to my Kingdom Ansteorra, Barony Bordermarch, and the Dream.
>Lord Phocas of Bordermarch
>          Live, Love and Illuminate the Dream!
>   [question]
>   What is "a few dollars" ?  The original asking price
>for gate was almost double last year's gate, wasn't
>it?   "So what?" you ask?
>   Statistically, the event at which a price increase
>is announced shows a decrease in attendance - and the
>larger the increase, the larger the decrease.  By the
>way, this goes all the way back to the days when we
>increased site fees from $3 to $5!
>   One of the reasons that people are willing to make
>the long drive to our corner of the Kingdom has been
>because we held our prices down - "A Good Time at a
>Good Price"
>   <snip>
> > Because of the interest from across Kingdom and from
> > visiting kingdoms,
> > another day is added to the length of the event this
> > year (opening site
> > Thursday, also annexing the Monday before
> > Thanksgiving
>   [question]
>   But what activities are we offering during this
>extra    time?   Do they justify a 50% increase in
>price? We do want these folks to feel like they got
>their money's worth, don't we? ...and tell their
>friends... and come back next year, etc.
> >Thank you, Mistress Tessa, for your very kind report,
>and for helping an old-timer stay "in the loop."
> >
> > My two cents,
>   Baron Ericus the Silverhand, WSA
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