[Bordermarch] (Off Subject) helping out the local actors accouncement

LadyVal at aol.com LadyVal at aol.com
Thu Sep 21 19:58:40 PDT 2006

Several years ago, the last time the Port Arthur Little Theatre did  the 
production of "Death Trap, I was the producer and also did props and helped  
backstage with special effects.  It was a terribly exciting play, and the  thunder, 
lightning, rain, and "murders" kept the audience on the edge of their  seats 
during the entire show.  Every night, people left laughing and  crying.  This 
ought to be a great play.
The Port Arthur Little Theatre has appreciated the props and the  technical 
assistance of Bordermarch many times before.  We were really  appreciative of 
Bill Burgin, who worked with some of our actors on several plays  that had 
rapier fighting in the show.  He did an excellent job of teaching  the actors how 
to fight, swing their blades, and fall correctly.  And some  of us wore our 
SCA garb in "Cinderella" several years ago.  And then there  was "Man of La  
I suppose we are all actors and actresses at heart, after  all.
Isnt that why we wear funny costumes -because we are "in a  play"?

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