[Bordermarch] Crown Heirs and Knight announcement

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sat Sep 30 23:09:59 PDT 2006

As of this afternoon at Crown Tournament near Copperas Cove... a beautiful 
driving day-trip from here... Ansteorra's Crown Prince and Crown Princess 
are Sir Romanus and Lady Diane!


The final three included Sir Gunthar, fighting for Countess Sara Penrose; 
and Duke Patrick Michael (who had his rare Duchal perrogative to withdraw at 
any point) fighting for Duchess Julia.

The King of Trimarus was in attendance and helped Marshal the field.  At 
closing court HM Trimarus spoke of Gulf Wars and the calling of the 
Ansteorran General occurred.
Crown and council have determined that the next General of Ansteorra for the 
next two years following the formidble  performance of Duke Patrick Michael, 
will be Duke Miguel.

An announcement was made that Giotto will be KNIGHTED:
Waaaaaaaaa  hyooooooooooooo!


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