[Bordermarch] Greetings!!! ..from the west...or is it east??

Susana Liu liususana at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 00:03:27 PDT 2007

Hahaha. Does it matter? So as the header says: GREETINGS BORDERMARCH! how I
have missed my second family so. I'm just here to update that I'm still
alive and still keeping a great "chariot" driving record. NO FEAR! (though I
have to say I tried going home another route from work tonight and almost
got lost....great times!) ;)

But also the other purpose of this is to ask whether L Kaithlen ever got my
message about needing any further assistance regarding Shaky Knees and/or
other scrolls? You know I'D LOVE TO HELP :D

OH and before I forget, Your Excellency Elisabeth, would you perhaps still
be in need of a Lady in Waiting? and if you could please share whatever I'm
supposed to read about becoming a LiW with me?

So I hope everyone is doing fantastic, health is wonderful and if not, will
recuperate and become wonderful! Y'all are in my thoughts always and I've
been thinking about visiting during a fighter practice -- keep a look out!
(I passed by Beaumont driving to Atlanta last week --no, Santiago, I was
never behind the wheel even though I volunteered, hehe! -- and I was telling
my colleagues about the Elegante hotel which used to be a Hilton, and where
I went to school, and the China Border near Calder, and Calder,
and......sigh.) Anyway. BEST WISHES AND REGARDS TO ALL. love love love

Susana, the asian girl who can't drive. or, the asian girl that followed
Alexandria "King Killer" Penrose around. ;D or....wait, do I have other

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